Integrated Math III

Class Assignments

Click the "Go Now" button below to see assignments posted on my online Planbook.   They are posted each weekend for the following week. If your child is absent, please ask for lesson packets to be sent home.  Lesson packets can also be downloaded from this online Planbook.  If a student needs help with their homework, it is their responsibility to see myself or one of the MathLab teachers.  There is also an online Homework Help (Math III)  link for our curriculum.  Although, problem numbers may not correlate with our packets.  There is also an online parent guide with additional examples and answers, if needed.  Math III Parent Guide Click on "Open All" to see all of the lessons.

Attendance is key to being successful in class. The type and amount of learning involved with the team problems is not as easily comprehended alone!


 School Supply List

Scientific Calculator - If you need to buy a new one,                                           I recommend TI30XIIS.

                                       TI 84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator (optional)

                                             3 ring "view" 2 in. binder (clear front slot for cover page                                             and pocket inside cover to put their composition notebook) 

                                                       *Make sure width is less than 11 in. wide,                                                                        so it will fit more easily in the locker.

                                             Composition Notebook

                                             6 inch clear plastic ruler (Staples has 2 packs of these)

                                            Ear buds (not big head phones!) for Chrome Books  

                                             Pencils, erasers, pens, highlighters

                                             Pencil bag with 3 holes to put in binder

                                             1 box of Kleenexes

                                              3/4 in. tape dispenser and refills

Students will NOT need regular notebooks, filler paper, or graph paper.  All work is done on the packets.  I have some filler paper from last year on the supply shelf, if students need paper.


 Pictures of the students working on class activities will be posted here.  Click the "Go Now" button below to view them.